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Onions growing

onion growing, harvesting, shipping

Depending on the variety crops are seeded during the New Zealand winter - June, July and August. Crops are drilled to a density designed to produce the bulb sizes required by each market.

As the crop grows, agronomists monitor weed, disease and insect pressure and ensure that spraying is only carried out when necessary. Growing to maturity takes between seven and eight months.

Prior to complete top fall the onions are lifted. Timing of this operation is important to ensure good skin retention. Depending on weather conditions onions are left to dry in the field for between 14 and 28 days.

Once dried the crop is harvested into boxes and then stored to finish the curing process. It is normally at least three weeks after harvest before the onions are ready for packing.

In the pack-houses onions are accurately screen sized and carefully inspected by eye. Accredited staff carry out quality inspections to ensure that only the best product is shipped. Product can be packed in nets, big bags, bulk containers or boxes to serve each customer's requirements.

We use the best shipping options to each market - reefer containers, ventilated containers and ventilated break bulk vessels.

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