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Onions growing

onion growing locations

Our onions are produced in three regions of New Zealand - Pukekohe and Matamata in the North Island and Canterbury in the South Island. Each area has unique characteristics which combined with the geographical spread gives security of crop supply to our customers.

Where commercial crops of onions were first grown in New Zealand. Home of the famous Pukekohe Long Keeper onion. Pukekohe is especially fertile and productive due to the volcanic nature of the region's soil.
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Nestled at the base of the beautiful Kaimai Ranges, the Matamata town is surrounded by rich, fertile land ideal for dairy farming, horticulture, and the thoroughbred racing industry. The free draining, sandy loam soil and even climate was attractive to Pukekohe onion growers who moved some of their production to the area nearly 20 years ago as rising land prices and urban sprawl restricted the supply of suitable land in South Auckland.

Situated in New Zealand's South Island, the Canterbury Plains is an area of braided rivers and pastoral perfection between the Southern Alps and the Pacific Ocean. As flat as a billiard table, the plains are a patchwork of agricultural activity that includes onion production. Soils are generally sandy or silt loams and irrigation is essential in this part of NZ for successful cropping.

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